Welcome to Willow Creek, South Carolina. 

Meet the locals...

Smooth Talk: Book 1

Poppy Monroe doesn't trust men. After her marriage ends in a national scandal, she escapes New York and her new-found notoriety, to seek a fresh start for her and her daughter, in her hometown of Willow Creek, South Carolina. Eighteen months later, with a comfortable home, a prospering business and a tight-knit group of girlfriends; she has everything she could ask for. Well, almost everything. Spurred by her well-intentioned mother, she's ready to get back in the saddle. Copious dating fails ensue. She begins to wonder if men are worth the hassle, until a chance meeting with southern royalty.

Grayson Maxwell seems too good to be true-- handsome, witty, charming and wealthy. She can't deny the attraction but striking up a friendship with a man so similar to her ex is the last thing she needs. Their daily conversations lower her guard, and a steamy encounter has Poppy questioning everything. 

Trash Talk: Book 2

Ruby Kendall has had a love-hate relationship with her next-door neighbor since she was fourteen. Best friends turned lovers, turned arch enemies. Their story is too complicated for even Ruby to unravel. But after all this time she's still drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. She ought to know better, but she keeps coming back for more. Should their mistakes stay in the past or should she give him another chance and risk getting burned?
Knox Teller has loved Ruby since they were kids. He's made a few mistakes, but he's not the only one. Ruby has a stubborn streak that runs so wide, he thought he'd never get close to her again. But now that he has a chance, he's taking it. This time, he's playing for keeps. Third time's the charm, right?

 Talk is Cheap: Book 3

Smart, sexy billionaire falls hard for cute, curvy chef. It sounds like the perfect recipe for love, but the proverbial man with a plan never expected a surprise baby to throw a wrench in his. Oliver Maxwell is going to have to trust his famous gut instincts if he wants to keep SophiaAlexander in his life. She just has to learn how to trust a man again. Actions speak louder than words, and their newly formed relationship will be tested if Oliver can't make good on his promises. Can a genius germaphobe and a headstrong heroine heal the wounds from their pasts and create a future together? 

Pillow Talk: Book 4

Emmaline Alexander is focused on her new winery; she doesn’t have time for men, especially not the man that crushed her a decade ago. But Graham’s charm slowly wears her down, and when old feelings come flooding back, it’s hard to resist the pull he’s always had on her. This boy had all her firsts— kiss, love, even her first heartbreak. He fooled her the first time she trusted him. Can she rely on him this time around, or will he prove her the ultimate fool? 


They say opposites attract, but Graham Freeman aims to prove he and Emma have more in common than she thinks. Sure, they’ve changed over the years, but there’s no denying the chemistry that still rages between them. He’ll need more than strategy, charm, wit and an alliance between their   adorably wacky pets to claim the second chance he’s always wanted. All’s fair in love and war, and Graham is prepared for an uphill battle, but with their history, she won’t be quick to wave the white flag. Can he turn their playful  banter and steamy pillow fights into a love that lasts a lifetime? Or will a decades-old feud devastate them both? 

Crazy Talk: Book 5

Straight-laced, small-town sheriff, Jacob Walker, has always had a love/hate relationship with his best friend's younger sister. Lily loves arguing with him, and he hates her inability to take anything seriously. They're opposites that clash at every turn, but when the opportunity arises to use Lily's talent as a prankster against his scheming mother, he can't resist. A fake relationship is just what they both need to get themselves out of a bind. One week spent pretending to care for each other (plus a few earth-shattering kisses), and they both find themselves catching real feelings. But a mysterious menace stalks the Maxwells, and Jake and Lily's new romance is rocked to the core when her life is put in danger. Jake will stop at nothing to protect the woman he's fallen for. 
After all is said and done, can two life-long frenemies put their differences aside and find lasting love? Or is that just crazy talk?
This Book Concludes Willow Creek Series 1.

Baby Talk: Book 6

Grumpy Rancher Single Dad meets 
Adorably Awkward Veterinarian on a mission. 
Coming Spring 2024.